Petrol Station Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary with a Rare Beer-Filled Fest

Houston craft beer mecca Petrol Station hosted its seventh anniversary party over the weekend on a beautiful, not-too-hot fall Saturday afternoon. Owner Ben Fullelove offered up an enormous selection of rare beers for the event, including North Coast Old Rasputin XII and a Jack Daniel's barrel-aged Gingerbread Stout from Houston's own Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

In an effort to keep the throngs fed, Petrol's always industrious kitchen ran double duty for the event, working their full menu inside while simultaneously offering a short menu of rabbit stew and "Star Wars chili" served in sourdough bread bowls on the back patio. With all hands on deck, the crew managed to keep the massive crowds hydrated in an impressive manner. Lines at the bar were nearly nonexistent through the afternoon.

Lines for the bathroom, however, were another story.

The event also marked another yearly Petrol station event -- Dustivus -- which celebrates the life of an early Petrol Station regular customer, Dustin, who passed away several years ago.

You can see Dustin's "spot" saved by the staff -- as well as more photos from the afternoon's festivities, including the surprise proposal and subsequent engagement of two regulars -- at Petrol Station in our slideshow.

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