Pi Pizza Truck Offers Free Pizza for Life, But You'll Have to Get a New Tattoo This Weekend

"In my head, pizza and tattoos kind of go together."

Looking at Anthony Calleo, the owner and chef at Pi Pizza Truck, it's clear he's not kidding. He has colorful tattoo sleeves on both arms, and lord knows where else he has been inked. And he also loves pizza. He started Pi Pizza Truck two years ago and was initially shocked and humbled by the outpouring of love he received for his top-notch pizza.

"That first year being open was so challenging," Calleo says. "That we made it a year was such a big deal to me. It was really very humbling to me that people were so into what we were doing and being a part of helping me make my dream come true. I wanted to think of a way to say thanks and give back to people who are really supportive of us."

And that's where the tattoos come in.

Last November, in celebration of Pi Pizza Truck's one-year anniversary, Calleo offered customers a special deal: Get one of the specially designed Pi Pizza images tattooed somewhere on your body and, in turn, get one slice of free pizza a day, for life.

"I was really worried that no one would do it, and I'd feel like a jackass," Calleo says. "Like when you throw a party and no one shows up."

Much to his surprise, 22 people got Pi Pizza Truck-themed tattoos (including one of our own freelancers), and as soon as the promotion was over, people started asking when round two would happen.

Well, folks, it's this weekend.

Stop by Scorpion Studios on Friday or Saturday from 10 a.m. to -- as Calleo says -- "whenever Gabe's hand falls off" to get a tattoo from the designer himself, Gabriel Massey. Massey designed all of the artwork for Pi Pizza Truck as well as for Calleo's other venture, Sandy Witch Sandwich Company, which is inside Grand Prize bar.

Last year, Massey designed 11 tattoos for the promotion, and this year he's added six new ones to the mix. He estimates the tattoos will cost from $60 to $200 each. Calleo says the most popular ones last year were the pizza cutter labeled "PPT" and the slice that reads "This pizza kills fascists."

And that's it. As the folks who participated last year learned, there's really no catch. Get a tattoo from Massey and receive one free slice of pizza or $8 off a whole pizza every day, forever, even at the brick-and-mortar restaurant Calleo plans to open in the near future.

Calleo isn't worried about having to comp too many pizzas because of the deal. He says on average he'll give away two slices a week as a result of the promotion.

"If they did take advantage of it a lot, it would be fine," he says. "If someone wants to eat my pizza every day that we're open, that's a hell of a compliment."

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