Pickled Pequins in a Pancake Syrup Dispenser

If you don’t have a shaker bottle, try putting your “sport peppers” in a pancake syrup dispenser. I got the idea after visiting Jamaica many years ago. Every little rasta restaurant I visited had a pancake syrup dispenser full of Scotch bonnet peppers in vinegar sitting on the table with the salt and pepper. The Jamaican peppers are so hot, cooks down there sometimes drop a pepper in a pot of soup, then fish the pepper out and throw it away. The soup gets extremely spicy just from the half an hour of contact.

You can pickle any kind of peppers in vinegar if you can’t find chile pequins. Thanks to Johne and Nate for correcting my recipe. I heated a cup of white vinegar in a pan with a teaspoon of Kosher salt and a clove of garlic and poured the mixture over the cup of rinsed chile pequins. The pancake syrup dispenser is especially handy with chile pequins, because it makes it easy to get some peppers out when you want some. -- Robb Walsh

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