Picnic Drinks

Blatantly drinking in the park can be considered taboo and tacky. Additionally, most parks have a no glass bottles rule, so taking anything in besides beer is generally a no-no. Most of us have attempted to skirt this pesky restriction by bringing our own pre-mixed booze with us. Here's a list of our top 5 shareable, portable drinks that will make your park time, parade time, or beach time a little more fun.

The Frozen Daiquiri -- Lucky folks in Louisiana can buy a fully loaded (with liquor) jumbo size daiquiri in their local drive-through daiquiri houses. In Houston, you can get a less-loaded (made with wine) version to go at places like BB's. Grab a gallon and a sleeve of cups and hit the park.

The Cape Cod -- Cape cods are simple and classic, however our version is slightly degraded by serving it in a paper cup. Pour out one serving of juice from a jug of sweetened cranberry juice or cranberry juice cocktail. Top off with vodka, close, and shake. Twist a lime wedge into each individual serving.

Mojito -- Minty and refreshing, mojitos can be made in big containers and shared. To us mojitos mean summertime, and they are a great way to use Geri's simple syrup recipe. For a gallon of mojitos: muddle a handful of de-stemmed mint leaves in a pitcher. Add one cup of light rum, which is about an inch in a pitcher. Top with a half inch of simple syrup, a half inch of fresh squeezed lime juice, ice, and club soda. Stir, taste, and adjust for sweetness and lime preference. Transfer to your portable container and go.

Sweet tea vodka + lemonade -- It looks like tea...smells like tea...it's tea, we promise! This is another refreshing summer drink. Top off a jug of fresh lemonade (minus one serving) with sweet tea vodka, sip and enjoy.

Mimosas -- Although mimosas are a brunch favorite, they tend to be less glamorous when portable. Who cares? They're still tasty. Using an empty water jug or closed pitcher, fill half with champagne, half with orange juice, and hit the town.

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