Market Watch

Pig Nipples, Part 1

We have been going to the Houston Farmers Market in Rice University on University Blvd. and Greenbriar almost every weekend since it started. Besides the best cup of coffee Houston has to offer, some amazing Indian food and organic fruits and vegetables, you can order some really fresh and flavorful pork product from Allen at Harrison Hog Farms. We can't get enough of his fresh pork sausage.

Last week, we pre-ordered a whole pork belly and a fresh ham. We have some pics of the belly. Normally, when you buy pork belly, it just looks like a raw piece of whole slab bacon. When we told Allen we wanted the whole belly, he told the guys who process his hogs to keep the belly whole -- and that is exactly what they did. Nipples and all. It looked so sexy, we almost don't want to cook it. After a little foreplay with the slab of pork belly, we will start to cure it with sugar, salt and some spices and let you know how it turns out.

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Jason Kerr