Pizza, Beer and Pixie Sticks: Partying at the Houston Zoo

Last Thursday, animal enthusiasts and party crashers alike crowded the Houston Zoo's Duck Pond for their Flock of Seagulls 80s themed party. Guests were encouraged to dress up in their craziest 80s attire and nibble on mini appetizers, Saint Arnold'S Beer and 42 Below Vodka drinks while the DJ spun New Wave and retro pop music. The party was thrown by Flock, The Houston Zoo's Young Supporters Group. The group costs $150 to join and includes membership to the zoo, free admittance to a few fab parties a year, plus plenty of other cool perks and discounts.

Though most Flock parties go off flawlessly, the Flock of Seagulls party was nearly a disaster when miscommunication between the food sponsor, Sushi Raku, and the zoo employees ended up in the free appetizers running out 30 minutes into the three hour party leaving guests with only candy necklaces and Fun Dip to snack on. I actually witnessed one partygoer nibbling on the empty platter's leafy garnish. Seriously.

I was front and center for the debate that ensued over whether the contract was for 300 pieces or 300 people. Tricky stuff. Both parties, including Sushi Raku manager Patrick Chiu and Houston Zoo Development Director Nick Espinosa, were polite and apologetic, but the snafu still left guests getting sloshed on Lawnmowers and hyper on Pixie Sticks.

Espinosa was quick on his feet and ordered dozens and dozens of Dominos pizzas to be delivered asap. Hungry guests were highly appreciative of the 80s style food rescue, because after 2 hours of only retro candy and booze, nothing has ever tasted so hot, fresh, and delicious as a large, cheesy pizza.

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