Political Mischief-Makers Target Taco Cabana With Anti-Trump Signs

San Antonio Mexican restaurants Taco Cabana and Mama Margie’s Mexican Café have been tagged with signs claiming that they will not serve supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, both Taco Cabana and Mama Margie's emphatically deny that they or any of their employees posted the signs.

The troublesome sign posted at a Taco Cabana location was cleverly adorned with a company logo and read, “We stand with our fellow Mexican restaurants in thier [sic] efforts against hateful speech. We will also no longer be serving people who display support for the views of the presidential candidate Donald Trump. You can’t have your taco and eat it too.”

The revelation that the signs are fake didn’t come soon enough to prevent an outraged Reddit thread of Trump supporters from condemning the restaurant and figuring out ways to hurt the victimized restaurant’s business, like “Gather a shitload of people and wait in line but dont buy anything. This will cause other people to go elsewhere because the line is too long.” The angry rants went on, despite several notices from others that the signs were fake.

Even hours after Taco Cabana revealed at 5:10 a.m. this morning that the signs were posted by pranksters, the message apparently had still not been received by many Trump supporters.

Hopefully, word will get around so that Taco Cabana’s employees can spend their time on something more productive than setting the record straight — like making tacos. 

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.