Porkfat Candy: Homemade Cracklins

"You want cornbread or cracklins with that?" the lady behind the steam table asked.

That's a question I don't think I've ever heard in a restaurant before. But the folks who run the soul food kitchen inside Discount Foods on Homestead and Laura Koppe are pretty

proud of their cracklins. The guy in line in front me opted for the cracklins instead of the cornbread. I went with the cornbread -- and I bought a pound of cracklins to go for $4.

I love the way cracklins crunch audibly and then melt into a bacon-flavored slick of roasted pork fat on your tongue. I ate quite a few in the car on the way home.

Teptoe's Homemade Cracklins, "If it ain't ours...it ain't the best," read the label on top of the plastic tub. To order, call 713-631-6916 or 713-884-6916.

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