Pot Luck

Propane Accessories: Backyard Tandoori Oven

To cook tandoori chicken in a small apartment, many people use the George Foreman grill. But what tandoori fan doesn't dream about having a tandoori oven of his own, like this one we found at World Food Warehouse on Highway 6? Designed for the backyard barbecue enthusiast, this handy oven is propane-powered and set on wheels. At $500, it seems like a bargain.


But the tandoori oven salesman wasn't very encouraging. "It's too small, you can only get five breads inside, and it's so low you have to bend over all the time," he said, bending at the waist while holding his back in a simulated expression of pain. He suggested we wait until next week, when the deluxe ceramic tandoori ovens are scheduled to arrive. I didn't even ask how much those cost.

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Robb Walsh
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