Rabbit, Cow & Pig

Here's an appetizer plate for you: from left to right, Sichuan rabbit, sliced beef and tendons, and spicy smoked pork jowls. I selected these three cold meat dishes from the appetizer buffet at Spicy Sichuan Restaurant in the 9888 Bellaire Shopping Center. The rabbit was in tiny pieces on the bone, which made it hard to eat. The beef was tasty enough, but I think I liked the smoked pig jowl the best. The pork pieces looked like tiny slices of bacon.

I highly recommend Spicy Sichuan's ridiculously cheap $4.50 lunch special. Get the eggplant, tofu and green bean trio I recommended in the Top 100 countdown recently. Or go for one of the spicy chicken dishes. Each comes with your choice of egg drop or hot and sour soup.

Three selections from the buffet of cold appetizers costs and extra $8. For adventurous eaters, it's hard to resist.

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