Pot Luck

Rambutan: The Hairy Fruit

Rambutan is a tropical fruit native to Indonesia and the Phillipines that we seldom see on the mainland. The name either means "hairy" in Indonesian, or "weird hairy red pods from an alien life form," I forget which. It sure tastes good though. When you cut the hairy pod open there's a white fruit inside that tastes a lot like lichee. To celebrate my first day of vacation in Kona today, I had rambutan for breakfast along with a loco moco.

Loco moco is a favorite Hawaiian breakfast. It's a plate of rice topped with a hamburger patty, smothered in mushroom gravy and garnished with a fried egg. I like my loco moco with Spam, but the resort where I am staying claimed they didn't have any. So I'll have to save the breakfast Spam for another day.

-Robb Walsh

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Robb Walsh
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