Randall's Fried Chicken

I have been eating a lot of Randall's country fried chicken lately, and I have to say, it's damn tasty. It might sound a little strange that a grocery store has really great chicken, but why not? If you get there relatively early in the afternoon when the guys are still in the back of the prepared-foods kitchen, you can get it while it's still hot and greasy. The skin is crispy, and they add just enough seasonings to the flour to give it a little bite, without being too spicy.

I like to get the eight-piece for $5.49 and put the leftovers in the fridge (unless you can eat all eight pieces, then you should get 16). Then I eat cold fried chicken with a beer when I get home from the bar. And when the chicken is cold, you don't get grease stains on your underwear or white T-shirt.

Randall's fried chicken is reminiscent of homemade fried chicken, not like those chain fried-chicken shacks that throw chicken in a bucket. It must be the quality of the chicken. We would take the Pepsi challenge with KFC or Church's against Randall's. No gimmicks or cannibal chickens here, just good old fashioned fried chicken done right. Remarkable!

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Jason Kerr