Fast Times

Random Food Christmas Traditions: Late Night Jack in the Box

My family has always done our big dinner on Christmas Eve. That's when we bring out the pork roast, potatoes, Moros y Cristianos, and a bunch of other traditional American and Cuban dishes.

We gorge ourselves until we pass out, and then the next morning we sleep in and start the day with a decadent brunch. I'll usually make Panettone French toast, hash brown casserole, fruit salad, bacon, chocolate croissants, etc. It's another huge meal that usually incapacitates the family for a good six to eight hours.

However, Christmas night is always fairly slow. The presents have all been opened, the house is a wreck, and no one has the energy to even reheat leftovers. So I wait until close to midnight, then give Christmas a proper send-off by stuffing myself full of sub-par treats from the Jack in the Box down the street. I'm talking a full-on feast of crap, here. Jalapeno poppers, cheese sticks, potato wedges with bacon and cheese, tacos, and sourdough Jacks. The milkshake machine is always inexplicably down, so that's about all that's left out.

I take the whole smorgasbord home, and we all stuff ourselves one last time while watching some cheesy holiday film. Strangely it's one of the food traditions I look forward to most on Christmas.

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Geri Maria Harris