Random Ingredient: Calabacita

Random Ingredient: Calabacita

What is it? Calabacita is a Spanish word meaning "little squash." Officially, the term "calabacita" can encompass different types of summer squash, including the zucchini and yellow squash. However, around town, a variety of summer squash known as Tatuma, with wider body and green-and-pale-yellow speckled and striped skin, is sold and labeled as "calabacita" or "calabaza" squash in some grocery stores, which is totally confusing. Sold alongside the dark-green, slender zucchini, Tatuma tends to be cheaper and seems to have a subtly milder flavor, with less incidence of bitterness.

What is it used for? Calabacita/Tatuma can be used in place of any other summer squash. There is also a dish by the name of calabacita, which is essentially a squash casserole with Southwestern and Mexican influences.

Where can you buy it in Houston? Any self-respecting grocery store. These were bought at Food-A-Rama for a steal of a deal.

Recipe: Calabacita con Pollo - Courtesy of Food Network


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