Random Ingredient of the Week: Furikake

What is it? Pronounced, "fuh-ree-kaw-kee," it's a Japanese condiment usually containing dried seaweed, sesame seeds, bonito flakes, sugar, salt, and other various seasonings. This particular batch is heavy on the fish flakes and also contains dried egg yolks, dehydrated soy sauce, and dehydrated rice wine.

What is it used for? Furikake is most commonly used as a condiment for white rice. Sprinkled on top, it adds flavor and texture. Think of it as the Japanese Tony Chacheres, but easier to pronounce and a lot fishier tasting.

Where can you buy it in Houston? Any Asian market in the city. This particular batch was purchased at Super H Mart, located at 1302 Blalock, in the Memorial area.

Recipes: Furikake French Fries (Courtesy of Steamy Kitchen blog) Furikake Fried Rice (Courtesy of Open Source Food)

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