Pot Luck

Randy Evans Kicks Off Consulting Company With James Coney Island

After Haven closed, chef Randy Evans announced that he would begin consulting with restaurants and other food-related businesses through his company, Southern Son Restaurant Consulting. And his first gig is with James Coney Island. In fact, James Coney Island called Evans two days after Haven closed.

"They called me on August 2 and we had a good conversation," Evans says. "I was still going through my other issues with Haven that I needed to get past. Officially we started September 1 with them and [could] actually get rolling and not have any other issues that Haven had associated with it. So September 1 was our first time to get started with it and get an idea of what everyone wanted. We were all on the same page which was more than exciting to me. This was a first time for me to consult and it's exciting to do something different, different than the white tablecloth concept that I have been associated with the whole time."

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Molly Dunn
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