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This past summer, Robb Walsh visited Fredericksburg hot spot Rebecca's Table, owned by famous chef and baker Rebecca Rather. After his mouthwatering description of the rabbit sausage there, I couldn't wait to go. Unfortunately, it's now closed, but I decided to try the bakery next door, Rather Sweet, which Rather opened in 2001.

We got there about an hour before closing. The lunch service was over, but we were hoping to grab a few goodies for our drive home. We weren't the only ones with that idea. Ten people were already in line waiting to order when we walked in, and more people were filing in quickly. When Rather walked out, two people behind me whispered excitedly, "I think that is her."

The bakery was almost sold out for the day. What was left, though, looked delicious - cookies the size of plates and lemon bars the size of bread loaves. We decided to try the lemon bar and the chocolate pecan tart. The desserts are a bit pricey - lemon bars are about $5. But they are well worth it and enough for two people.

For lemon lovers, the lemon bar did not disappoint with the sweet tartness that only real lemon juice can give. But my favorite was the chocolate pecan tart with a buttery tart shell and gooey ganache filling. Despite its size, I could have easily kept it all to myself. My only complaint is that I wanted more pecans. The few that were sprinkled in the bottom of the tart were lost in the rich chocolate.

Next time, I will get to Rather Sweet at 8 a.m. when they open to snag a bacon cheddar scone or Mexican chocolate cake.

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