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Recession Snacking: Chinese Tea Eggs

Stewed in black tea, soy sauce and spices, Chinese tea eggs are ideal as snacks or placed on top of a bed of noodles. The flavor is savory and a little bit salty. The shells are gently cracked before the eggs are steeped in the marinade, leaving brown marbling on the egg white. At 30 cents an egg, just about anyone can afford several.

Tea eggs are sometimes mistakenly called soy sauce eggs, which are entirely brown instead of marbled, because their shells are taken off completely during preparation. When you purchase tea eggs, they'll still have their shells; soy sauce eggs won't. You can find both kinds at Asian supermarkets and snack shops around Houston.

At Wel Farm Supermarket in Sugar Land, the tea eggs are sold from a self-scoop, murky pot of liquid so dark you can't even see the bottom. When making your selection, try to pick eggs with shells that are mostly intact to get the best marbling. But if an egg is slightly damaged, it won't affect the flavor.

Tea eggs are also easy to make at home if you happen to have some star anise lying around. You can find the recipe here.

Wel Farm Supermarket 4635 Highway 6 Sugar Land 281-494-8868

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Nikki Metzgar
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