Recession, What Recession? Kroger Opens a Huge Store in Missouri City

OK, there was a line for the football player signing autographs. The crowds intermingled with a walking crayon and some other cartoon character. Free samples of cheese and meat were everywhere and wait, there were even free samples of wine and beer being handed out. The contents of the rows of food and drink were so perfectly aligned that you almost hesitated to put anything in your basket.

But it was the pop rock duo inside the front of the story that gave true pause. This was a Kroger grocery store?

The McMansion of Krogers at 10250 Texas 6 opened officially Saturday with its 100,000-square-foot store and on-site chef. They'll also help you with wine selection for that special dinner.

Located where the Fort Bend Parkway dead-ends into Highway 6, this is not the first Kroger for Missouri City but is one that should draw customers from the more than comfortable Sienna Plantation to the north and Manvel area to the south.

This weekend, even with the crowds, checkout moved quickly with more than enough personnel on hand. Let's hope that continues.

Next up: H-E-B opens a new megastore just down the road at 8900 Texas 6 in Sienna this Wednesday. According to our calculations, it's even bigger than the Kroger. Bring your roller skates. It's nice to see these two giants believe in our economy, or maybe they just think more people will be cooking at home in the next year.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.