Recipe: Easy Bake Pulled Pork

While some have the yard, patience, knowledge and cash for a nice smoker, most will have to do it the boring, non-authentic way in the oven. This recipe is for the latter group. Once you get the recipe down, the hardest part is shopping for meat...that's what she said.

It's after the jump.

Easy Bake Pulled Pork

  • 5+ pounds of Boston butt, which ironically, is not an actual butt. It's a shoulder.
  • Lots of brown sugar
  • Lots of salt
  • Lots of pepper
  • Not as much garlic powder
  • Slightly less mustard powder*
  • *These measurements are purely scientific

    Combine all seasoning, in proportions that you prefer, and slather on the pork. Cover with foil and refrigerate overnight.

    To cook, uncover the pork and bake in an oven at 275° for 6 hours. Use a rack, because there's gonna be a crap ton of grease, and you don't want your meat soaking it up throughout the baking process. You'll want to situate your shoulder with fat side up, so the fat tenderizes the meat as it bakes. After you pull the bone out, shred the meat with two forks and make sandwiches. Make your own sauce if you dare, or just buy some and drizzle on top. Take it one step further and top with coleslaw.

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