Recipe: The Cuban Sandwich

In celebration of reduced restrictions on travel to Cuba, why not make its namesake sandwich with some of that leftover Easter ham? It is unclear whether or not what we know today as a Cuban sandwich was invented in the country proper or emerged in Cuban-American communities in Florida; nevertheless, this sammie remains a staple of Cuban cuisine.

Travelers to Miami and Key West will find no shortage of restaurants that offer excellent Cuban sandwiches; in Houston, however, it's considerably harder above-average versions in large part, as Katharine Shilcutt noted, the usage of inappropriate bread.

Some argue that Cuban bread and only Cuban bread is used in a Cuban sandwich (makes sense, yes?), others are more lenient and allow for the bolillo role. The latter is easier to find and available at most major supermarket chains in Texas.

The recipe, after the jump:

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Joanna O'Leary