Red Bean Pancakes

I'm fairly sure that half of my grocery bill goes toward impulse buys, while the rest of the food sits lonely in my fridge and wilts. Foods made with red bean paste (or Azuki bean paste) are especially captivating, and I constantly blow whatever current attempt at eating better I am making every time I set foot in an Asian market.

When I found red bean pancakes at the market the other day, it was another must-have moment. With no patience for baking these suckers, and no way would I microwave them (as suggested by the packaging), I slid them, one at a time, into a nonstick pan and toasted them. The result was simple and delicious and a perfect representative of red bean goodness -- a layer of flaky pastry, a layer of chewy glutinous dough, and a moist and dense chewy red bean center. These were a refreshing change from a normally stale-red-bean-cake impulse buy, and incredibly tasty. Perhaps these are a new favorite dessert...

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