Remember the Alamo

Is there any more debatable food item in Houston than the breakfast taco? It is one of Houston's signature dishes, and with hundreds of places to choose from, will we ever truly decide the best? Such a subjective topic is better left for another post. I won't anoint Alamo Tamale Factory's version the best, but let's just say they're in the top ten percent of their class. Specifically, on this morning, I'm referring to Alamo's scrambled egg with ham and refried beans breakfast taco.

Alamo is one of those rare eateries that epitomizes Houston. Much like you can't duplicate a New York pizzeria, I'm convinced a place like Alamo is unique to our fine city. The patio, the bustling of workers behind the scene, the fresh smells of tortillas, tamales, and so many other wonderful ingredients--it's all part of a quick culinary experience that takes you to a happier place, if only for a few minutes.

In the morning, expect a line, but it moves fast and it gives you some time to check out the options on the cafeteria-style food bar. You name it, Alamo's got it. I usually am the type to try different things at a place I frequent, but not at Alamo. I'm hooked on my egg, ham and bean taco.

Two, maybe three, will do you. They're adequately sized and loaded with flavor. The eggs are dripping in juice from the ham. In fact, I always drip on my work slacks. Always. I don't care; it's just a friendly reminder throughout the day of my joyous morning experience. The tortillas are obviously fresh, and the smooth and runny refried beans are the spackle that holds this work of art together.

If you think you've got a better place, let me know. For now, I'm hooked on Alamo.

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Kevin Shalin
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