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Restaurant Chains We Wish Were In Houston

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While we know that #SLGT (which means supporting local for all those sans twitter accounts) is the way to eat if you're a cool kid -- or just a supporter of locally owned independent businesses -- occasionally, the call of a familiar dish from a familiar restaurant is too much to endure without a fix. Here are a few we try to hit up when we leave the city. As usual, they're in no particular order.


The breakfast chain made infamous by one of Tiger Woods' mistresses is also the home of the Mammoth Muffin - which is exactly what it sounds like. Unfortunately for the passionate breakfast crowd here in town, there are no Perkins restaurants within the greater Houston area. While they play a close second to the muffins, the pies sold at the front of every restaurant are also reason enough to petition for one in town.


With the closest of the tart frozen yogurt chain being in Dallas, get your fix at the local Berripop, a frozen yogurt shop chillingly similar to the California-based Pinkberry. Although we're not sure that anything can beat Pinkberry's ridiculously catchy but annoying jingle, we'll satisfy our craving for sour frozen yogurt elsewhere until they decide to set up shop here in town.

Papa Murphy's

Pizza that's always fresh, because you decide when to bake it. No annoying delivery delays from your local stoner dude or lukewarm pizzas, just ingredients that you order someone else to carefully place on your choice of crust, and shove it in your own oven. Basically, someone does the dirty work and you reap the rewards. It even makes your house smell amazing at no extra cost. We need a different Papa to come to Houston please.

Taco John's

Admittedly, there are plenty of tacos in our great city. That doesn't stop us from wishing Taco John would pay a permanent visit and leave some of his incredibly inauthentic "West-Mex" food. A sampling of Taco John's menu includes glorified versions of tater tots (placed inside burritos no less) lovingly named Potato Oles, and a loose-meat hamburger known as the "Taco Burger." There are plenty more abominations of Mexican food left on the menu for ridicule, and we admit to loving every one of them.

In-N-Out Burger

One more burger to debate in Houston? Why not? Especially if it's from the iconic California chain, In-N-Out Burger. With endless celebrity endorsements (unofficial of course) and food bloggers pining over their fresh ingredients and delicious burgers, we say, "Bring it on!" We're a town built for burgers and can handle the influx of delicious beef.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.