Robb Walsh's 100 Favorite Dishes: #96 Pakistani Breakfast at Kings Chicken, 11300 Beechnut St.

Over the course of the next few months, I'm counting down 100 of my favorite Houston dishes. I chose some because they are such quintessential Houston creations, others for their cultural or historical significance, and others because they are just so damn tasty. Share your own nominations in the comments.

#96 Pakistani Breakfast at Kings Chicken, 11300 Beechnut St.

The funky little halal chicken shack and curry joint called Kings Chicken on Beechnut is housed in a former fast food location. The place offers an intriguing array of Pakistani breakfast items. My favorite is scrambled eggs and paratha bread with garbanzo bean curry and chai. It's a delicious change of pace. The Afghani-style nan is fabulous too.

The funny thing is, if you are used to eating eggs with flour tortillas and refried beans, this Pakistani breakfast looks just like your usual breakfast fare. It tastes sort of similar too, although the paratha is a lot heavier than a flour tortilla and the garbanzo bean curry is spicier than refried beans.

The list to date:

#100: Green chile chicken kebabs at Chatkhara Grill #99: The All-Day Burrito at Cherry Top Bakery #98 "You Buy We Fry" Trout Basket at Hank's Fish Market #97 Chicharron de Barriga at La Michoacana Meat Market # 10

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