Saint Arnold Releases Divine Reserve No. 12 Today

Home brewer David Rogers is the man responsible for Saint Arnold's latest Divine Reserve batch -- that's because Rogers's entry into the 16th Annual Big Batch Brew Bash won him the chance to have his recipe featured as the most recent Divine Reserve to be released by Houston's oldest craft brewery, which has been issuing these special batches since 2005.

Rogers, a member of Houston's own Foam Rangers Homebrew Club, submitted two recipes to the Big Batch Brew Bash which blew away the judges and earned him both first and second place out of a total of 107 entries.

It was Rogers's winning Old Ale-style brew that has been brewed as Divine Reserve No. 12, released to stores and bars today.

This is the first time the DR series has tackled the Old Ale style, which features full malt body with plenty of character. Historically, Old Ales were used as stock ales for blending and owe their name to the fact that they were aged or stored for a significant period of time to mature.

"This beer is designed to age and will shine after being cellared for a year or more," said Saint Arnold founder Brock Wagner. "The aging process will allow sherry notes to develop which will balance the spicy malt/alcohol flavors that dominate when this beer is young." Wagner recommends cellaring the DR No. 12 cold for best results.

For this latest DR run, Saint Arnold brewed approximately 343 barrels for a total of 3,201 cases of 12-ounce bottles, 682 cases of 22-ounce bottles and 88 15.5-gallon kegs, 90 five-gallon kegs and 20 casks. As with past series releases, Saint Arnold is encouraging retailers to limit sales to two sixpacks per customer and is asking customers to limit their purchase to a sixpack or two.

Want to grab your own DR No. 12 today? Follow the hashtag #DR12 on Twitter for helpful tips from your fellow beer nerds on where to get your own sixpack of Old Ale. The hunt is on...

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