Saint Arnold + Trentino Gelato: A Fall Treat for the Warm Weather

Like it or not, it's warm again outside. (At least for now.) Drinking that toasty pint of Saint Arnold Oktoberfest just isn't the same when it's approaching 80 degrees and 95 percent humidity.

But what if some genius soul turned that beer into a frozen dessert? Artisanal gelato master Marcelo Kreindel is that genius. The man behind Houston's own Trentino Gelato -- the place that supplies gelato and sorbets to many of Houston's best coffee shops and restaurants -- routinely collaborates with the folks at Saint Arnold to create sorbets from the Bayou City brewer.

This fall, you should see pints of Trentino's latest creation on Spec's freezer shelves: Saint Arnold Oktoberfest sorbet made with the beer itself.

Inside the simple, white cardboard container with only a small Oktoberfest label to identify it, the sorbet is a very light amber color and thicker than you'd expect. I could certainly taste the Oktoberfest brew in the scoop I made for myself: caramel, sweet malt and warm spices. But there was also a slight and unexpected lemony flavor as well. I've had Oktoberfest several dozen times and it never tasted lemony before. Was my palate deceiving me? Was I having a weird stroke, like how people smell eggs right before they have an epileptic seizure?

Turning the top of the carton over to read the [blissfully sparse] list of ingredients, I saw it: lemon juice. Refreshed in the knowledge that I wasn't losing my mind, I polished off my scoop with satisfaction. Satisfaction for a still-functioning palate and satisfaction for a sweet and fitting means of enjoying a spicy fall brew in muggy, non-fall weather.

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