Sampler Plate: This Week in Food Blogs

Fat City Houston: Believe it or not, this year's list of our 100 Favorite Dishes is ramping back up again for 2012, starting tomorrow. Until then, refresh your palate with Fat City's continued and detailed and often hilarious examination of the items we included on 2011's list.

CultureMap: If this weren't written by the estimable Marene Gustin (a fellow writer here at the Houston Press), I'd think this CultureMap article on the pugnacious owner of Up was a parody piece.

Nation's Restaurant News: Hot dining trends for 2012 and beyond according to the NRN's wrap-up of the annual NRA Show in Chicago? Waffles, pretzels and hot dogs. Wow. We are...we are really branching out, guys. Really groundbreaking stuff.

Delicious Mischief: It's springtime at Rainbow Lodge, says John DeMers, and the venerable restaurant has a young new chef turning out cool dishes: Mario Valdez. This combination means DeMers "can't think of a better time or better excuse to reacquaint yourself with a three-decades-plus Houston favorite."

Confessions from a Gluttonous Chinaman: Now that Convey has closed, there's only one conveyor belt sushi game in town: Choo Choo Sushi (*groan*). Daniel tried it out recently and enjoyed everything about his meal except the fact that no one busses your table (after all, they need to see how many plates you grabbed off the line in order to charge you...).

He8, She8: This week, Aaron and Amy explore the question: When is Backstreet Cafe ever not good? The answer is never. Backstreet Cafe is always good, and the patio always rocks and the wine service is always legit and end of story.

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Katharine Shilcutt