Sampler Plate: This Week in Food Blogs

TEDx Houston: How do you create a food culture? That's the question asked by Houston's own Justin Yu in this TEDx talk from June 2011. Yu emphasizes the importance of staging -- working for free in a kitchen in order to learn new skills, techniques and cuisines -- and bringing back those new ideas and new points of view to Houston in order to nurture and develop our own food culture here on the Gulf Coast. "No one appreciates their own culture until they've seen someone else's," Yu says. If you watch nothing else all day, watch this.

It's So Dericious: Pastry chef Chris Leung has started his own blog these days, featuring photos of the intricate desserts that have become his signature. It's a nice way to while away the time waiting for Leung's desserts to appear in public once again when conāt opens in a few months.

Chili Bob's Houston Eats: Bruce heads to an old favorite, Al's Quick Stop (or is it AL Quick Stop?), and finds the falafel sadly wanting. The gyro, on the other hand, holds its own: "Okay, this one lives up to the hype," Bruce writes.

Cafe Express Chef: Too tired to change out of your pajamas and get a crêpe from Melange Creperie? Greg has an instructional video on how to make your own crêpes at home with only a few standard ingredients.

Dude, You Going To Eat That?: Here with a dose of common sense is Dr. Ricky, who has some good news for those who are frightened that the banana will soon be extinct: There are plenty of other bananas in the sea.

Almost Veggie Houston: Finally, this post on Felix 55 from Ashli Michelle is worth it merely for the visual imagery of Michael Kramer "spastically" leaving The Tasting Room. In my mind, it looks something like this:

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.