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Say Good-bye to Hollywood Vietnamese and Chinese Restaurant in Houston

Let's face it: People don't go to Hollywood Vietnamese and Chinese Restaurant because it's serving the best examples of either cuisine. In fact, the place got written up and temporarily shut down by health inspectors this past August, as reported by KPRC Channel 2 .

That may have been a portent of what is to come, for the very next day, Swamplot reported that the variance sign posted indeed means the place is closing. At the time, it was thought it would close at the end of August. It's managed to stumble on a little longer, but a call to the restaurant revealed that the deal is done.

Hollywood Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant is closing for good at the end of this month.

Even an atrocious health inspection can't dull the nostalgia for the place. It's where chefs, bartenders and their patrons go because it's one of the few places still open. The restaurant stays open famously late -- until 2 a.m. on weekdays and 4 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. It was even nominated for a Houston Culinary Award earlier this year for Favorite Late Night Spot.

Ask anyone who lives and works in the area about what he or she thinks about Hollywood closing and you'll likely get responses about how the lemongrass tofu and spring rolls were great, or a funny story about a group of friends landing there for ballast after a crazy night on the town.

Then there are the other ways Hollywood secured our affections. A person posted this as part of an online discussion on the Houston Architecture site about the forthcoming apartments:

"I have a special place in my heart for the original location. [It] was the first place to open after the entire neighborhood lost power during Hurricane Rita."

The web site hasn't changed since 2008. Why would it need to? People go to Hollywood because it's reliable -- not particularly exciting, but it's familiar. It's like having a longtime but sporadic relationship with someone you'd never actually marry. At least you know what you're in for.

Let's face it: Montrose will never be the same. You have two weeks left to go get those awesome cha gio.

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