S.C.A.M.P. Sandwich at Whole Foods

The deli menu at Whole Foods may lack the diversity and pizzazz of Kenny and Ziggy's, but the sandwiches are half the price and sizeable without being overwhelming. Although Whole Foods offers some terrific suggested combinations (the "Rock 'n' Falafel" and "Kirby Club"), I usually go for the make-your-own-sandwich option. It's the closest I come to cooking these days, and I sometimes fantasize a visiting executive will be so impressed with my creativity that he or she will offer to buy the rights to my amazingly innovative sandwich.

Hey, there's no law against dreaming.

Anyway, the S.C.A.M.P. sandwich (or Spinach Chicken Avocado Melt with Pesto) is my newest invention. Unlike some of my other weirder creations (cranberry tuna salad with chipotle mayo), it might appeal to others seeking something more transcendent than turkey and swiss on whole wheat. So, if you are so inclined to try the S.C.A.M.P, here are your instructions for ordering at WholeFoods:

1. Ask for a whole sandwich on foccacia (ciabatta bread also works well).

2. Request pesto spread on one side and sliced avocado on the other.

3. Add grilled chicken breast, spinach, tomato, and provolone cheese (two slices is ideal).

4. Request two to three minutes of heating on the sandwich press.

Grilling brings out a wonderful herb-y crunchiness to the focaccia while preserving the soft doughy interior. I also like how the potent basil in the pesto provides a nice complement to milder provolone. Obviously, the S.C.A.M.P. is by no means a lite concoction, but the "good" (re: monounsaturated) fats make it a healthier, heartier option than your standard reuben or B.L.T. And even though it's a warm sandwich, the ratio of vegetables to protein and cheese make it palatable even during the sultry season.

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