Scary and...Just Scary: Food D Lite

I was running down Harrisburg when I spotted it. It stood out like a sore thumb, or a greasy thumb to be more accurate. "Food D Lite (7736 Harrisburg 713-928-7074) Chinese food and burgers" is what the sign read. I made a u-turn and pulled into the empty parking lot. The only people around the tiny red and white building were a bum and a homeless Chihuahua.

I ordered a double cheeseburger and chicken fried rice with egg rolls, took the greasy brown bags full of food and relocated.

The burger was nothing special. The meat was dry and bland. It had that precooked taste. The crinkle cut fries were a nice departure from the norm. It is hard to find a burger shack that does the crinkle cut. The burger fell apart after a few bites and I moved on to the fried rice.

The chicken fried rice and the egg rolls were tasty, but they were so greasy. I couldn't stop eating it. The rice was chewy, covered with soy and oil. The peas and chunks of chicken tasted the same as the rice. This was street food, good-old-fashioned-scary-when-you-think-about-it street food.

I knew Food D Lite was questionable. It's the kind of place I like. You might drive by this place and grimace at the thought of eating there. After the meal my friend was complaining of chest pains.

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