Seabrook Seafood Stores Are Back

Beeline snapper was $4 a pound and American red snapper was $6 a pound at the dockside seafood markets in Seabrook a few days ago. Big gulf shrimp were $3.95 a pound -- cheaper if you bought five pounds or more. The dock for Gulf shrimp boats in Seabrook is still functioning, despite the debris from hurricane Ike that litters the area.

I always drive to Seabrook to get seafood when I make a big pot of gumbo. The prices are so much lower than the grocery store that it's worth the drive.

The area was hard hit by Ike, so I haven't been there in a while. But some of the seafood stores that were destroyed are up and running again; others are under construction and operating out of trailers. And there's plenty of fish, shrimp and crabs, so go check it out. Don't forget your cooler.

The great Thai restaurant called Merlion in Seabrook has also reopened. Merlion buys fresh seafood at the docks and creates incredible spicy Thai shrimp and fish dishes with it. It's the best Thai seafood I've had outside of Thailand. Merlion's new address is 1301 4th Street.

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