Searching for a Slice: Bombay Pizza Co.

I've been hesitant to try the Bombay Pizza Co. (914 Main St.) in spite of some of the amazing reviews it's gotten. I love pizza, and I love the flavors of Indian food, but as I've written in the past, I just like a regular old pie: crust, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. So even though I like the occasional funkified slice of something different, usually when I want pizza I want standard fare. And Bombay Pizza Co. definitely doesn't qualify as "standard fare." For all of my initial resistance, I finally had to give in to my growing curiosity and see what they had to offer.

My husband came along and we made quick work of ordering. After a brief scan of the display case we settled on one slice of pepperoni ($4.50) and a slice each ($5) of the veggie slice of the Day (eggplant, zucchini, green peppers, black olives) and non-veg slice of the day (Canadian bacon, pineapple, tandoori chicken). One slice equals one-quarter of a 16-inch pizza, so it is pricey but the portions are generous.

We had already been impressed with the thinness of the crusts on the pies we saw in the display case, and up close the thinness was puzzling: How would the slices hold up under the generous toppings?

Unfortunately, I had to go all Donald Trump on my first slice--the heavily loaded Veggie Slice of the Day--and use a knife and fork. Once I'd worked my way about halfway up from the point, the slice was easy to manually maneuver; I didn't need utensils for the other two slices and was able to make a proper mess of myself and the table.

I'm pleasantly surprised to find myself a Bombay Pizza Co. fan, and even more surprised that my favorite slice wasn't the pepperoni (good, not great), but the tandoori chicken/Hawaiian hybrid. My only complaint about the tandoori/Hawaiian was that my slice didn't contain quite enough Tandoori chicken, so I only got the full effects of the spicy tandoori, salty Canadian ham and sweet pineapple in a few bites from the middle--but those few bites made me hungry for more Bombay Indian fusion stylings. The crust is really interesting: not as crispy under the toppings, but the end-crust is very crunchy, with a pleasant sesame finish that lingers.

I'm on a mission to return and dive more deeply into the flavors with a heavier Indian influence. Something tells me that's where the magic happens at Bombay Pizza Co.

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