Seasonal Special: "Midnight in Paris" Dog at James Coney Island

A hot dog for francophiles at James Coney Island? Mais oui.

Okay, that's the last cheesy French phrase to be used in this post.

In May, James Coney Island revealed that its Funky Dog #2 would be "German-style"; June's Funky Dog #3 has a French connection. And let us not forget, Funky Dog #1 took us to Colombia. Randy Evans, are you a WWII history buff? If Funky Dog #4 involves kielbasa, I'll take that as a yes.

Moving on. With all due respect to its fabulous predecessors, this seasonal special dog is the best I've had to date. Perhaps this edict is predilection for richness; the combination of battered onions, ripe brie, and a chicken sausage laced with apples and gouda cheese may be too much for some wimps but not this maiden with an iron stomach. Props also go to JCI for the addition of cornichons, which add a pleasant, sweet tang to a dish that's otherwise dominated by savory flavors, and for using fresh, lovely baguettes.

Looking to pimp out this dawg and add an extra dimension of decadence? Top it with a slice of foie gras from Central Market
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Joanna O'Leary