See How It's Done at The Burger Guys

One of the great things about eating at The Burger Guys, the subject of this week's cafe review, is enjoying the open kitchen: the sights, sounds and smells cranking out of the stainless steel-dominated landscape heighten the experience of enjoying your burger so much more than if the hustle and bustle was kept hidden away.

And although our slideshow from the kitchen doesn't come packaged with the sounds and smells intact (alas!), it's a good indicator of what to expect when you order a Houston burger and a milkshake and grab a seat at the long counter. My only complaint is the height of the counter, which makes it difficult for wee short people like myself to see the goings-on at the griddle. You can still keep up pretty good conversation with the Burger Guys themselves from here, though, if you're dining solo.

Take a peek at this week's slideshow and you'll see how the Guys craft their burgers and milkshakes from scratch, including the Black Friday-inspired pecan pie shake that the Guys were whipping up last Friday afternoon. Those shakes change on a regular basis, as do some of the burgers, but -- thankfully -- the enthusiasm and talent behind the food does not.

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