Seeking More Houston-Based Food Freelancers

The Houston Press is looking for a few more freelance food writers to help our readers sort through what the Houston area had to offer in food and restaurants.

Applicants need to not only know about food, but are willing to interview other people about it.

Candidates should be alert for trends, keep abreast of restaurant openings and closings, follow what's in or out in popular food tastes and care in some sense about the latest agribusiness breakthrough.

Writers for us recognize this work isn't the same as writing a personal journal and welcome the chance to sort through conflicting information and come up with a true, lively account.

Accuracy is paramount and the rules of grammar are not foreign to you. Reporters should come up with their own ideas and be willing to take direction as well.

Bonus points go to clever writing and a knowledge (or willingness to be taught) of photography and videography.

How to apply: Send three to five samples of your writing about food (no term papers or starter novels) along with a cover letter and résumé to margaret.downing If you want to toss in a couple of food photos or a short video, be our guest. No phone calls.

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