Seppia Restaurant & Wine Bar

Nancy Dougherty used to be the manager at Inka, before it closed after sustaining damage from Hurricane Ike. Now she works at Seppia Restaurant & Wine Bar (2800 Sage, 713-877-0457). "We're serving American cuisine with an eclectic twist at reasonable prices: steaks, seafood, pasta, some great salads and interesting things like beef carpaccio and mussels," she says. "We have over 100 different wines and our list is ever changing, with lots of 'boutique-y' wines."

Seppia is owned by Amin Mohammad, who also owns Maggie Rita's next door. In fact, the restaurants share the same kitchen. Mohammad has been in the food business since 1993. "The neighborhood is a really good one, and it didn't have a really nice wine bar," says Mohammad. "It's small and cozy, and customers have told us that they were surprised at how good the food is."

Dish enjoyed one of Seppia's lunch specials, an excellent steak salad with a tart lemon vinaigrette, at the incredible price of just $7.50, leaving room in the budget for an $8 glass of the Spanish Tapena Tempranillo Tierra de Castilla.

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Paul Galvani