Sex and Death: Oyster Knives and Shucking Gloves

I use the largest size oyster knife, which is known as a “Galveston knife.” It has a very sturdy four-inch blade. Dexter/Russell makes a version with a white plastic handle which is available in any Houston restaurant supply store for ten bucks or so. Or you can order one



The Galveston Knife is one of many styles of oyster knife that became popular in the heyday of the oyster. Here’s a great online guide to oyster knives for aficionados.

If you are going to buy rubber “cut resistant” oyster gloves, than you might as well get a pair. They cost around five bucks for two and they protect both your hands from abrasions and anything but a direct hit by the oyster knife.

But if you are interested in a heavy duty oyster shucking glove that can save you from the dumbest mistakes with an oyster knife, you might want to consider the “chain mail” model. You probably only want one of these babies since they cost a bundle. You wear it on your non-knife wielding hand; it will fit either a righty or lefty. There’s a stainless steel version that sells for under a hundred dollars, and then there’s the fancy French one. -- Robb Walsh

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