Sharpening Your Skills

Any chef or cook will tell you their most important tool is their knife. And anyone who's worked in a kitchen will tell you that a dull knife is the most dangerous piece of equipment to have around. Dull knives mean that you exert more pressure trying to cut or slice food, and that added pressure means a much higher chance your dull knife will slip and cut off a finger or two. Sharp knives mean easier cutting, a safer kitchen and a happier cook.

If any of your knives have begun to reach the dangerous dull territory, the man to take them to is Bob at 2 Dull 4 You. Located at the Midtown Farmers Market every Saturday morning until noon, Bob will take knives you thought were goners and hone them to a blade so sharp it will split a hair. Even better? You can drop your knives off and get your shopping done, enjoy breakfast at t'afia or take in a free cooking class while Bob does his work. You can also find him on Tuesday afternoons at the Rice University Farmers Market from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.

A few weekends ago, we got eight knives sharpened for a mere $41 -- a bargain when you consider what it would cost to replace the Henkels and Wusthofs we turned over to Bob for sharpening. The farmers markets not convenient for you? No worries; Bob makes house calls, too! Your knives (and your intact digits) will thank you for it.

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