Shooting Up the Bird, Redux

Photos by Julia Walsh
To go Cajun, you gotta shoot up.

 Editor's note: This is a reprint of a post written by Robb back in the blog's salad days.

Injecting a turkey with a great big hypodermic needle full of pepper sauce and spices had to be the weirdest Thanksgiving activity at my house this year. "Gather round children, we're going to shoot up the turkey now!" Only the Cajuns could come up with something this deliciously perverse. I made up my own injector sauce on the fly, but there are zillions of recipes out there.

Our Cajun fried turkey came out great. Shot up with spices and sprinkled liberally inside and out with Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning, it tasted like a 12-pound chunk of Frenchy's fried chicken.

The fried turkey tasted like a 12-pound chunk of Frenchy's.

Apparently the fire stations in southeast Texas and western Louisiana are especially busy on Thanksgiving Day because of turkey frying accidents. When you put a cold and slightly wet turkey into boiling oil, it bubbles up violently. If you have too much oil, it runs down the sides of the pot into the propane burner. Then everything bursts into flames. This is a great way to burn down the garage.

The best safety tip I have heard is to shut off the burner when you put the turkey in and again when you take it out.

-- Robb Walsh

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