Pot Luck

Shuck Daddy and his Half Shell Hotties

Shuck Daddy's is Houston's newest oyster bar, located in the former Mak Chin's location on Shepherd just south of I-10 near the Cadillac Bar. At first I thought they called the waitresses "Half Shell Hotties," but the provocative T-shirts are supposed to promote a menu item by the same name. The four hot oyster dishes are "Cajun casino," oysters cooked with bacon, scallions and cheese; Rock-Ur-Fella, a variation on oysters Rockefeller; Fiesta, oysters with chipotle peppers; and grilled oysters with garlic butter.

Each of the "Half Shell Hotties" come three to an order for five bucks. Raw oysters are going for seven bucks a dozen; fried oysters are 11 bucks a basket with fries; fried oyster poor boys are eight clams; and a "Vuelva a la Vida" Mexican seafood cocktail is ten dollars. Premium beers, including Saint Arnold's, go for $3.95, and a bottle of N.Z. Sauvignon Blanc is $24. You can also bring your own wine for a seven-dollar corkage fee. We are told that Shuck Daddy's is an Anglo-targeted concept developed by the Mambo Seafood folks, who operate several very popular Mexican ostionerías around town.

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Robb Walsh
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