Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo

Although I feel distaste for Bethenny Frankel, I did recently purchase the newish White Cranberry Cosmo from the Skinnygirl cocktails. I told myself I was not being a hypocrite because Frankel sold the franchise to Fortune Brands, which then independently created this particular low-calorie drink.

Having never sampled the Skinnygirl Margarita (Frankel's claim to fame) nor the Skinnygirl Sangria, I had no idea what to expect from the white cranberry cosmopolitan. The classic cosmo is one of my favorite alcoholic beverages, though I'm loathe to drink the over-juiced, Kool-Aid versions proffered by many Houston bars.

I expected the Skinnygirl version to have a classy exterior that belied an interior trashiness, sort like a spoiled New York housewife. Also, white cranberries? Maybe it's the former New Englander in me talking, but I like my crannies bloody red.

I tested the WCC while on winter holiday in Virginia, that merry land in which you can buy hard alcohol from state stores every day of the week. A 750ml-bottle cost me $15, though online you can find it for a few dollars cheaper.

The main selling point (obviously) of the Skinnygirl WCC is that a four-ounce pour is just under 100 calories (approximately 34 calories per 1.5 ounces). Given its reduced calorie content, moderate proof (19.9), and my Irish liver, I poured myself a hearty 5.5 ounce goblet.

A more demure version of the cosmopolitan, the WCC lacks the bite of the boozier, barely pink standard (my preference). I finished two servings with not much of a buzz but was nevertheless content. Its lighter flavor bereft of any noxious sugar substitutes was refreshing, if not invigorating. Indeed, the perfect beverage for the ladies who lunch and cat-fight soon after.

I won't be slurping the Skinnygirl WCC at Friday happy hour with a plate of fried calamari, because this girl would rather be blotto than skinny after a hard work week. But on nights when early mornings and tight suits are on the horizon, I'll let this lil' bit of Bethenny into my life.

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