Slow Dough Bakery

The dough might be slow, but this little bakery is bustling. You know all that really good bread you've been eating at places like Anvil and Branchwater Tavern? It has been coming from Slow Dough Bakery (1314 Roy Street, 713-568-5674).

Marlo Evans and Heath Wendell are the masterminds behind the ovens that are cranking out some amazing baguettes. We recently took a field trip over to the warehouse bakery that used to be owned by Scott Tycer's Krafstmen. We always love to see the workings of a small underground artisan food maker.

The bakery was bustling, and Marlo was busy trying to get breads delivered to a long line of restaurants. She was answering the phone and my stupid questions, all while loading a van and delegating some of the day's tasks to one of a handful of employees. This controlled chaos was impressive -- she had the calmness of a Jedi Knight the whole time.

The breads that we have tasted from Slow Dough, especially the sesame crackers and the pizza crusts, are top-notch. If you are supplying places like BRC, Da Marco and Poscol, then you know you're doing something right. I asked her if she was still looking for new accounts, and her reply was, "We are just getting started."

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