Slow Dough Bakery's Pretzel Roll (at Local Foods)

I've liked pretty much everything I've tried at Local Foods (including the egg salad, lox and cream cheese bagel, and Gulf shrimp and blue crab sandwich), but recently I've been pretty obsessed with the pretzel rolls, to the extent that I modify every sandwich order so it's served on one. To the extent that I almost asked to buy one of the bulk bags of rolls sitting on the display rack ($6). To the extent that, when I found out that Slow Dough Bakery supplies Local Foods with these rolls, I considered quitting school to work there just for the (potential) discount.

Although I am not a big fan of the traditional soft pretzel, there is something about this compact, semi-spherical form that drives me nuts. The dense, chewy dough interior is encased in a crispy, slightly buttery brown crust that's less salty than your average pretzel. And while the roll wonderfully complements diverse ingredients, it also manages to maintain its own flavor integrity in the face of bolder meats, cheeses and sauces.

The pretzel roll is the bread of choice for the egg salad sandwich, but I'm an even bigger fan of using it with LF's smoked salmon, cream cheese and onion jelly. I also aspire to toast one for breakfast and spread each half with Irish butter. Mmm, butter.

I've tried similar rolls from Whole Foods, but those at Local Foods (from Slow Dough) are fresher, bigger and more buxom in flavor. If and when Slow Dough Bakery gets a storefront, I'll surely be stopping by weekly.

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Joanna O'Leary