Small Town Sausage at Krolczyk Meats

Once you start talking about small town sausage makers in Texas, you are in for an endless discussion. I like to buy a few pounds of jalapeño sausage whenever I see one these little meat markets and take it home to throw on the smoker or the grill. I keep a cooler in my car for just such opportunities.

Yesterday I visited an old favorite called Krolczyk Meats (979-826-3601) on Hempstead Highway (Business 290) in Hempstead. It’s a combination Exxon station and butcher shop that specializes in Polish sausage. Perusing the big glass display case, I also saw deer sausage, spicy jalapeño sausage, dried sausage, and breakfast sausage in both the link and pan sausage style.

There is a hot dog machine in the front window that’s loaded with hot kielbasa. There’s a bin of hot steamed buns and a container full of stout wooden skewers so you can eat your sausage on a stick or a bun. I got mine on a bun with mustard and relish. The sandwich cost $2.49. – Robb Walsh

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