Pot Luck

Snacks in the Sun: The Food of Free Press Summer Festival

One of the nice things about the modern festival experience is the variety of food options. I like popcorn and chicken fingers as much as, if not more than, the next person, but having more than the standard concert food options is pretty sweet.

Face it, eating is a big part of spending all day at a festival. You can try to fight it, but you'll need to eat eventually, whether it's to get an energy boost or just to soak up some of the booze in your system.

Free Press Summer Festival gave a lot of people the chance to check out some local food options they might never have tried before. Take a look at a sample of some of the food items that were available and the people who were chowing down on them.

7. I'm not exactly sure what this guy is eating, but he seems pretty fearless about it.

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