Snackshot: Corndog Dessert with Mustard Ice Cream

This week's peculiar Snackshot comes from Plinio Sandalio, also known as fuzzzycatt on Flickr.

corndog dessert

From the photographer's description:

"Fried corncakes, hot dog ketchup, yellow American mustard ice cream."

Sandalio is an inventive pastry chef pulling double-duty at two area restaurants. His whimsical creations at Textile and Gravitas and weekend dessert tastings at Textile have captured the childlike hearts of food lovers across the city. Another of his creations, fried chicken ice cream, was a contender at the recent Fried Chicken Throwdown. The dessert pictured above is part of his "summer picnic desserts" line and features a sweet hot dog ketchup and fried corndog batter. Despite an unusual pairing of flavors and textures, the dessert has proven to be a hit so far.

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Katharine Shilcutt