Snackshot: Food Tattoos

Amanda Joyner is a pastry chef who wears her heart on her sleeve - literally. Sure, she isn't the first chef to permanently imprint themselves with their chosen profession or life's passion (see: James Silk, Megan Silk and Richard Knight's matching pig tattoos at Feast). But her tattoo, seen above, is one of the most creative I've seen in years, marrying a Dia de los Muertos aesthetic with the traditionally cutesy cupcake motif.

Joyner and her husband, Michael, own Retro Bizzaro, an Austin pastry shop that specializes in nostalgic treats from our collective youth. Yearning for a Little Debbie-style snack cake or a grownup Twinkie? You can get them at Retro Bizarro, with a slight twist. That twist -- not that it's considered all that bizarre anymore (a good thing in our books) -- is that all the goodies are made entirely from scratch with local and sustainable ingredients.

I ran into Joyner at the Austin360 Food Blogger Bash at Cedar Door, where she had just been cleaned out of her samples of snacks. Asking her about the tattoo, she explained: "My husband and I both have one -- his is more man-based, whereas mine's a cupcake -- but they go together. So when we stand next to each other, our tattoos match up." A perfect match, indeed.

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Katharine Shilcutt