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Snackshot: Polvos

Yes, there's plenty of free food to be had at SXSW. But complimentary Zone bars and bags of Southwest peanuts can get a little old, as can waiting for 90 minutes in line only to get the dregs of some potato salad at a party for a company you've never heard of.

So get up early one morning and hot-foot (or cab) it to Polvos (2004 S. 1st Street), home of the best breakfast in Austin. The breakfast menu only has about a dozen items on it, but it's served all day long (prices go up after 3 p.m., so be warned) and it comes with your choice of salsas off the legendary fresh salsa bar.

My favorite breakfast plate at Polvos is the Huevos Motuleños (pictured above): two eggs on a bed of dusky black beans, covered in a tangy chipotle sauce and topped with thick strips of fried plantains (not bananas, as the menu would lead you to believe). For the less adventurous, however, there are your standard Mexican breakfast standbys like huevos rancheros and migas.

Don't come here expecting the twee, hipper-than-thou Austin attitude that pervades many of the restaurants close to downtown. Instead, enjoy the down-to-earth, no-nonsense staff and a hearty breakfast that will tide you over for the rest of the day. At least until the next party has you downing all the free Shiner you can get while it lasts...

More photos of Polvos are after the jump.

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Katharine Shilcutt